Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician During COVID-19

Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician During COVID-19

by Kassandra Silva (SU)

The pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) has affected virtually everyone worldwide. While you may not have been infected with the disease, your concerns for your family are never far from the forefront of your mind.

While the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in children comprise only 11% of all the overall cases, you still have questions about how to protect your children. You may be especially concerned if your kids are too young to be eligible to receive the vaccine.

So, what do you need to know about COVID-19 in children? Let’s go over some pertinent questions to ask your pediatrician about the novel coronavirus, and where you can go for pediatric urgent care in Fairless Hills.

How Can I Recognize COVID-19 in My Children?

This is crucial for you to know, as you want to recognize the symptoms and get treatment for your child if they have the virus. Some symptoms include:

ü  Coughing

ü  Fever

ü  Shortness of breath

ü  Loss of taste or smell

ü  Fatigue

ü  Vomiting

ü  Muscle aches

ü  Diarrhea

ü  Runny nose

ü  Sore throat

ü  Poor appetite

ü  Chills

One of the problems with COVID-19 is that the symptoms mimic those of many other health conditions, like the flu or allergies. The key sign that is different with COVID-19 is the sudden loss of taste or smell.

Most children experience mild symptoms or show no symptoms at all. However, if you see any of these symptoms, notify your pediatrician right away.

Are My Children Susceptible to COVID-19?

With COVID-19 vaccines now available to children and teens from ages 12-17, kids in that age group are less likely to become infected with the virus. Age restrictions to receiving the vaccine continue to be lowered as safety becomes established, so it is a good idea to ask your pediatrician to let you know if your young child becomes eligible; doctors are always the first to know about such changes.

Some of the underlying conditions that can make your child particularly susceptible to getting the virus are:

ü  Cystic fibrosis

ü  Asthma

ü  Neurological disorders

ü  Heart defects and diseases

ü  Weakened immune system due to HIV or other immunosuppressive conditions, like cancer or an organ transplant

ü  Obesity

ü  Children who were born prematurely

If your child has any of these issues, ask your pediatrician about the child’s safety in getting the vaccine. Everyone is different, and there may be several different issues to consider.

Can My Child Still Participate in Social Activities?

Until COVID-19 cases begin to significantly decrease, it is a good idea to avoid playgrounds, parks, and other areas that attract large numbers of people. All children need to burn off their extra energy, so encourage your child to play in the backyard. It is a good idea to add fun equipment to your backyard, such as large inflatable games – look online for ideas with your child to see what is interesting to them.

Can My Child Still Get Normal Vaccinations During the Pandemic?

The answer is yes – the other types of viruses and bacteria that tend to cause serious illnesses will always be around, so you still need to protect your child from those illnesses which are covered by standard vaccines. It is essential to keep your child’s immune system functioning at its peak to prevent disease.

Pediatric Urgent Care in Fairless Hills

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